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History of our association

Frauenworte e.V. was founded in 2005 in Würzburg.

History is much older indeed. It startet 1997 when Monika Liebner lost her son Paul in week 17. Dealing with her own grief she created the first german internet platform for bereaved parents. It was named “Glücklose Schwangerschaft” (Fortunless Pregnancy) and later on “Schmetterlingskinder.”

Many women connected on this portal. In 1999 non-medical practionicer Birgit Zart lost her son Jannik during week 23 and found her way to the platform as well. She brought a sense of fighting energy with her. Fighting for the rights of bereaved parents as well as for better circumstances during the processes at hospital and regarding to facts like funeral and farewell and caring for the bereaved after all happened. Birgit Zart worked as a natural healer since years, especially with couples suffering from infertility. That´s why another forum for infertility and women wishing for a child is created on the platform.

At first it´s meant for all the women longing for a rainbow child. But the revolutionary treatment of infertility soon brings a lot of other women suffering from general infertility. The internet portal grows and grows.

Out of this “melange” of very different woman the “Weiberclan” arises - more or less per accident in 2002. It´s a group of women with their individual stories, they meet and don´t separate anymore, getting close friends.

Weiberclan has its very own visions, they get more concrete by time. 2005 they decide to found the association “Frauenworte” to realize some of their visions for the future.

A new platform is founded with areas for many aspects of life. It´s all about supporting women during different periodes of female life. Situations where we need help, understanding and at least gentle words.

Of course subjects of grief and infertility still are main subjects, but the platform is a chance for widows, mothers struggling with their mother role or parenting in general, familiar conflicts or at least just chatting from women to women about daily bussiness.

Visions of assocation get more concrete. In 2005 they establish the first german infertility congress in Würzburg, showing and offering new, alternative ways for fertility treatment.

Grief work is as important as ever. 2009 the associations starts two important projects - founding a helpline for bereaved parents. It´s possible because of the help of platform users.

And there´s the project “Aktion SChmetterlingskinder”, giving farewell sets to the hospitals. Project grows and grows very soon.
We still have our visions. There shall be more heartful projects, women to women, human being to human being. They are about warmth and humanity.




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